The Technical Committee on Very Large Scale Integration (TCVLSI) of the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) addresses the interactions among the various aspects of VLSI design including system-level design, logic-level design, circuit-level design, and semiconductor processes.


More Details About TCVLSI:

The IEEE-CS Technical Committee on VLSI also covers the computer-aided design techniques to facilitate the VLSI design process. The VLSI may include digital circuits and systems, analog circuits, as well as mixed-signal circuits and systems. The emphasis of TCVLSI falls on integrating the design, computer-aided design, fabrication, application, and business aspects of VLSI while encompassing both hardware and software. The TCVLSI sponsors conferences, special sessions, and workshops for the IEEE-CS. TCVLSI also runs VLSI and Nanoelectronics Letter, three times a year, which has many components including a very selective dissemination of quick papers, TCVLSI member news, upcoming conferences/workshops, call for papers, and funding opportunities of interest to members of TCVLSI.